Calvin isiXhosa App

Calvin, the security guard at my daughter's pre-school, has been teaching my wife and I to speak Xhosa. New phrases are especially hard and I kept on asking Calvin to repeat himself. While he has a tremendous amount of patience and is a very good teacher, I wanted something to retain the phrase. He wrote it down on pieces of paper for us which helped a lot but I realised it also helped to hear the phrase.

To help me I built the Calvin Android App. It is rather simple in it's use and in its features. Press and hold to record button which was designed to be thumb operated only and record your 10 second phrase. Then optionally add the English and Xhosa text to store it for later retrieval.

I believe it has great potential for learning a new language by reading and hearing. The app isn't available for public use (just yet) as I'm testing it to see how effective learning a new language like this is. I get that it won't be for everybody but I tend to design solutions that addresses problems which surround me. It has proven to work quite well so far for many reasons.