What started as passion project to build an installation of a digital dandelion on screen turned out to be a submission for a new digital festival in Grahamstown called Creativate. This formed part of the larger National Arts Festival.

“If you breath in and hold it, you lose your breath. But if you breath out it comes back to you.” - Alan Watts.

The installation consist of a single plinth with projection of a 3D generated Dandelion. A member of the public will blow over the top of the plinth to disperse the 3D on screen dandelion which will then reassemble itself for the next visitor. Dandelions also consists of fractals which is an underlying principle in generative art or generative patterns. This piece is tied to my own experience with my kids and spiritual journey where my little girl would stop and pause for every Dandelion along the way. The breath is considered in many religions as a way to ground oneself in the present.

To see videos please visit my Youtube playlist.

National Arts Festival