Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE #Freskicks

This project is the first commercial project to use my new platform iSivuno. iSivuno is an internal platform I built to use with my Creative Technology projects to make it easier to handle data harvesting. An API is available for clients to connect with the iSivuno app and receive realtime notifications.

Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE's UK ran a competition to give away a 100 iPhones over the course of a 100 days. Entries were made through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, collated and uploaded automatically to the UK Brand Facebook page. A winner was chosen and then added to the #FreshKicks website.

A bunch of social harvesters (internet bots) were created using the iSivuno platform. Each harvester was responsible for harvesting specific hashtags on their respective platforms.When a harvester collects a piece of data the iSivuno app will be notified and the entries were uploaded to the Facebook Brand page.

Overall the project went well and attracted lots of entries. For me this was a real indication that the platform operates well and highlighted where improvements can be made. I plan to use this platform for upcoming IoT projects and will write more about it as and when it develops.


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Facebook API
Instagram API
Twitter API