Eventsnap was established in 2012 and was primarily used to roll-out photo based activations for advertising and marketing agencies.

Our first event was a live snap event which took a popular South African music duo's live performance and placed snaps of it in the hands of their million followers around the world. You could tweet about the event and Eventsnap would send a photo back to you from a vantage point on stage which wouldn't normally be available to concert goers. This meant people from around the world who weren't in South Africa could still be part of the live concert.

This sparked a lot of ideas and the rebirth of the traditional photo booth. Gone are the days of a boring box taking ID photos. We've moved outside of the box. It didn't hurt that Instagram was gaining a lot of momentum at this stage. So Eventsnap started to become a platform for rolling out quirky photo events.

In 2014 we built an experience for the annual Sunglass Hut conference which was due to take place in Cape Town. Attendees would be offered to choose from the latest sun glasses on offer and take a snap with these glasses on. The photo however would only be taken once you place the sunglasses on. Using 3D sensor technology we were able to introduce a fun element to the otherwise standard red carpet photo approach.

As the platform matured we kept it private until September 2017. We are confident we can now roll out better bespoke photo experiences for events, promotions, activations or weddings to anyone interested.

If this sounds like fun. It is. And please get in touch if you want to learn more.