Messy Desk

In 2017 we decided to take a picture every week on Monday morning to show the state of our desk. Our natural way of working is such that our workspaces gets messy, very messy. This is entirely normal for us and once we finish the project we are grafting on we move on to cleaning up the workspace.

I was wondering if it would be interesting to see this progression happen over the course of a year but also to help us get creative with our Instagram account. It forces us to think and take better photos every week for at least a year. We chose weekly as we just didn't see how a 365 challenge would work as creating process flow content will simply just get in the way of doing our work. But weekly felt much more achievable and it was!

We love the outcome of this and more than anything compiling this montage left a sense of gratitude for all the work we could do and also that we thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

Out Instagram account has since been hibernating due to the pressures of what it takes to constantly churn out content and also gobble up likes. We think that it wasn't healthy for our work environment and decided to take a break. But we felt that we would still post if and when we feel like it. Not for likes but for sharing our form of creative expression which is to build stuff.

We are Wezside and we build stuff.




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