OpenFrameworks Ableton Controller

Recently I worked on a project where we needed an OF app to control Ableton Live. Ableton Live is professional audio software used for live music production or studio session work. For us the live real-time manipulation was important.

From this the OSCController project was born. The core consists of a controller class communicating across a network or on the localhost with an OF app. The sample app includes speaker distribution logic to play a single audio clip across a range of speakers using a Bell Curve. This is not part of the core lib but very useful as I need to support up to 16 channels. Where the Bell Curve is spawned on the x-axis will determine which track is played in Ableton Live at what volume.

The speaker configuration is linear as this is what our project required. It is possible to drag and move the speakers and on exit this configuration will be saved.

Interaction Design
Desktop App

Ableton Live 9