The Eristoff Experience

This is an interaction design project I did for the music festival Synergy in Cape Town, South Africa. The Eristoff Experience is a rectangle like structure with rear projection on the side walls. The visuals consisted of a grid signifying the wolf packs around the world. Eristoff is all about "Vodka from the land of the wolf".

What does it look like? Well I was inspired by Tron. The analogy of each node in the grid identifying a wolf pack around the digital sphere. The people inside the experience are there to taste vodka and enjoy Eristoff with their own wolf pack. It's all about convergence, from the physical to the virtual and vice versa.

The social integration was done by counting Facebook likes and showing revellers tweets in real-time. Each time a tweet was received the handle would appear on the grid, a dot-matrix like wolf would run across the screen, explode and settle into a position on the grid. Tweets from all over the world were harvested and placed on the digital grid.

This was built with OpenFrameworks and Arduino.

Eristoff South Africa

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