The Vine Wall

The Vine Wall is a piece of software used for brand activations to show Vine videos in real time as they are uploaded and shared to Twitter.

The Vine Wall was first used at The Disaronno Showcase where attendees were asked to create their own shadow puppetry videos with the help of a promoter. This video is Tweeted from the client's account and picked by the software from a specific hashtag. To avoid any nasty buffering issues I decided to not stream the video but rather download the entire video file before playing it. This doesn't take as long as you might think as Vine videos are nicely capped for size.

The playback algorithm makes sure each video gets the proverbial 15 minutes before flagging itself as ready to be removed. But this would be no activation without branding. The wall makes provision for advert Vine videos and will always make sure the configured minimum is displayed at all times. These branded videos will also get a chance to play.

If you'd like to make use of this product at your event - then please get in touch for a cost estimate.

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