About me

Back in 2002 my first real job was as a developer for experiential events company VWV. I worked on a variety of projects ranging from Flash to multi-screen productions using what was then ground breaking software Dataton Watchout. During my Multimedia studies I was exposed to Visual Design and this came in real handy for producing large corporate multi-screen projections.

In 2006 I moved to London and enriched my coding career further by contracting at first and then settled with Dare Digital full time. It is here where I started to focus on Flash coding. It was also the year Arduino was released, a first of its kind open source hardware platform for electronic prototyping. I would only start to mess with Arduino a year later but was super excited about what I would be able to achieve with this little tinkering device.

After Dare I moved to Ogilvy London where I was a Technical Lead on global projects for various campaigns. It was here that I realised I'm not done with designing and building things. I learnt a lot more in my free time, refreshed my student day memory and started to tinker with visual coding frameworks. I also got serious about learning electronics with Arduino.

In 2012 I settled in Cape Town, and I am working as a freelance Creative Technologist for my own company Wezside.

I build stuff. Activations, platforms, prototypes, installations, websites, mobile apps, web apps and gadgets for personal and marketing purposes. Technology is constantly evolving but for me the emphasis is how accessible it has become to make technology work.

I've given a lot of thought to technology with regards to the bigger picture or more specifically the 'why' question. I'm slowly realising being back in South Africa how much good technology can do when it works. Apart from the obvious reasons, technology is an enabler, provides skills that can help people improve communities, governments and the environment.