What we do

We build stuff. Ideas to be more specific. Either our own or for our clients. We love technology and the exploration that comes with building ideas that we’ve never built before. This is where we explore, create and make interesting things. It is where our true self is served in the best possible way, being creative.

What we’ve done

We have successfully built many interactive art pieces, activations, passion projects, serious stuff like native mobile e-commerce apps to name a few. With over 18 years of experience in multimedia, new-media, physical builds and the mobile revolution we are confident that we can approach an idea and build it.

Featured work

The Kraken Hunter
BOS Ice Tea: The Bush Phone
Messy Desk
The Independent Bar Audio Installation


We are passionate about sustaining our own future. We often have ideas that are more artistic in nature or too experimental for clients. However more often than not a version of these passion projects find their way into our paid-for work. Below are some of our recent explorations, particularly in Machine Learning.


Isivuno is our internal data platform used to gather and process large amounts of data. We successfully use Isivuno in various of art installations, applications or gadgets. It was built specifically with art installations in mind but has proven to reach much further. Isivuno is a springboard for our internal projects but can also be leveraged on a subscription basis to our clients.


Our very first Machine Learning app built on top of Isivuno. The idea was to see if it is possible for machine learning to predict the listed price of a car if that car has never been listed. We are not after a median as that would not need machine learning, a focus of ours in the last few months.

Carve GPS

Carve is a speedometer for the water. It’s a device prototype (at this stage) that tells you your speed in knots when moving on water. It does this using GPS. We designed the PCB and also responsible for testing. Version 3 will focus on optimising the components used and work on a waterproof casing.